Review: Rimmel Volume Flash Scandaleyes Mascara

If there was one brand I was dying to throw my money on when I got to London, it was Rimmel. Berlin can satisfy my cosmetic needs in so many ways, but on the Rimmel front it really leaves me down. Sigh. I guess it gives me something to look forward to buying when I go on trips to London and back to Ireland though. Anyway, less of the moaning and on to the good stuff: the Volume Flash Scandaleyes Mascara.


I love to experiment with mascara and it brings me a special sense of happiness when I find a really good one.  After finding the Luxurious Lashes Extra Volume Brush Mascara in Kiko I was quite content, both with price and quality, and felt that it would definitely make my repurchase list (see my review here). Yet, somewhere along the way I fell a little bit out of love with it. While great for day time use, it was missing that bit of oomph I needing at night. As I said in my Kiko review, I don’t go out to nightclubs often so the Luxurious Lashes Extra Volume Brush Mascara is suitable for me needs. It is just that sometimes a girl needs to feel glamorous. Something which the Volume Flash Scandaleyes Mascara certainly helps me with.

As somebody who does not often wear eyeshadow, or even vibrantly coloured lipstick, I do need something to really stand out against my otherwise dull make up look. I hope you will agree after viewing the pictures below that the Scandaleyes does that for me.



So, where do I stand on its other features? It offers really easy and good application. Just one coat makes your eyelashes immediately stand to attention, and not in a clung together kind of way as they like to stand independently and on their own. I would recommend, however, that you are carefully when applying the product as it has a fairly wet formula which can leave dots on your eyelids.  Also, as the colour is as black as you can get, it really is worth making sure that you are not walking around with mascara dots on your face all day/night. It has good lasting power. When I come home after an 8-hour day at work, my mascara is still in good condition. Not standing as firm as when I first put the mascara on, but there are certainly no black marks underneath my eyes. I must admit that I have never used Scandaleyes on a night out yet, but I would imagine it to last until the early hours of the morning, with maybe a top-up coat if you find yourself really working the dance floor.

All in all, I think the £6.99 price tag I paid in Boots was worth it. If you are looking for thick lashes and lasting power at a good price, then the Volume Flash Scandaleyes Mascara is the way to go!


*This is not a sponsored post. I bought the product with my own money.


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