Out With The Old And In With The New: Finding A New Style And Depop

Those who know me are probably sick and tired of me moaning about clothes. In fact, I have done it on here a couple of times too. I did that post where I grieved over being too old for the clothes in Forever 21, for instance. I also wrote a number of posts where I bragged how I was going to find a new style and change my wardrobe, but of course, none of that never happened.

Last year I read ‘The Happiness Project’ by Gretchen Rubin (check the archives for a series of posts about it). One thing Gretchen suggests is getting rid of any clothes which no longer fit, of that you haven’t worn in ages, and are likely to never wear again. At that time, I did get rid of some clothes. I guess I am a hoarder at heart though because there were many ill-fitting and/or old pieces that I just could not let go of. The psychologist inside me reckons that one other reason behind this is that I was attaching these close to memories and a different version of myself. However, the past is the past and will never become the future again. This means it is time to let go of the old me and embrace the person I have become. One way I doing this is by dumping a lot of clothes out.

The new me also wants to keep up with the times and have decided to sell some of my preloved items on Depop. If you do not know what Depop is, I would explain it as an app similar to Instagram where close and other material objects can be sold. A lot of my clothes were never worn or worn once so I thought, ‘why not give it a try’? I should probably state here that this is not a sponsored post. I genuinely have an interest in Depop and am taking a chance on it to make some extra cash.

I don’t have many followers on Depop yet. Sniff. But I hope that some of you might come and check me out after reading this post. I am open to offers and am happy to ship all items worldwide (check out some examples of what I am selling below). In the meantime, I will be trying to figure out what the hell my new ‘style’ should be.






  1. I did a clothes purge about a year ago when I was going through a rough time. I got rid of clothes that no longer fit, clothes I no longer wear (either due to no occasion too or no longer like), and just plain old ratty clothes – and I felt so much better after I did it! I donated them to Goodwill, but selling them is a great idea!

  2. Glad to hear that you felt better. It is rather therapeutic getting rid of so much crap – like shedding a new skin. I am more fearful in replacing the clothes. I am being really picky. Don’t want to fall into the same traps again.

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