Try To Cook, Can’t Cook

A lot of my most recently view posts at the moment are those which are related to food. I have no idea why. My top guess is for the comedic value because Lord knows that I can’t cook. I try but 75% of that time I will fail. People will think I am exaggerating but I assure you that I am not. Let me recall for you some of my most recent disasters.


Mushy peas, the ones that come in a bag with some tablet thingy. Marrowfat peas are the exact name I am looking for but I have grown to love my own description. Anyway, this delicious balls of goodness are one of the most easiest things to make. You steep the peas in boiling water over night with one tablet and then the next day, you add fresh water and then simmer until they are cooked to your liking. Problem one was that my tablets were missing. problem two occurred when I listened to randomers on Google. Yes, baking soda might actually be a good alternative but I clearly used to much. How do I know this? Well, after putting vinegar on the peace, they started to froth. The taste wasn’t very pleasant neither.


Pasta is another very simple dish to make and in fairness, my spicy pasta bake was quite tasty bar one ingredient. I was very excited when making this as it is easy to make it a half-vegetarian meal. The original recipe called for half a tablespoon of cayenne pepper which I didn’t have. I did have some red peppers though so I added 5 of them in. Except that they weren’t red peppers, they were cayenne peppers. A really hot ingredient which I completely misidentified and underestimated. Tasty pasta but plenty of sweating and trips to the bathroom.

They are some of my most recent disasters but I am sure they are plenty more to come. Share your stories below and make me feel better about myself. In the meantime, look below at something I cooked which was actually ok.



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