So Many Things In Life Are Underrated



Some things are just completely and utterly underrated in life – it is as simple as that. Of course all our ideas of what can be considered underrated are different and not everything gets to one day make it to the pedestal status of the sloth (how did that happen by the way?). I had a moment of pondering life the other night and put some deep thought into the topic. I came up with no less than three things that I just had to be shared right here.


The first thing you probably will wish I hadn’t shared once you look at the photo below. In fairness, I did get a lot of stick on Instagram because of this ‘recipe’ but I am a brave girl and will continue to share in the hope that you will all run out later and buy the ingredients for a pizza, curry and garlic mayo dish. Yes, you did read those ingredients right.



Believe me when I say this was damn tasty! Don’t let your initial reaction turn you up. I better there were plenty of people who initially scoffed at the idea of putting bread on butter. Go ahead and try it and be surprised, Leave all comments, good and bad, down below.


You probably won’t want to trust by food judgements are the ‘recipe’ I just gave out but the Pieoneers actually make deliciously mouth-watering pies. Most people from or who have been to the UK will be familiar with pork pies and will wonder why I call them underrated. This is something specifically for my German readers. For a country who loves both pastry and sausage, it is a wonder why they haven’t been put together already. The Pieoneers do it and they are so, so good. I make this statement judging by the long queues of people who line up to buy the tasty treats at the monthly Pie Nights held in Das Gift (great bar by the way. I really need to get there again to try the veggie haggis. I can personally vouch for the spiced sweet potato pies. Drool.



Last thing on my list I am sure is not underrated as there are a lot of people who would kill to have one and indeed the products to be able to create tasty meals with one. Yes, a cooker. There was a long two months spent in my life when there was no cooker in my apartment. The endless amounts of fast food were glorious at first but it soon became tiring. I became a person who typically despised cooking to one that just wanted to make her own bloody dinner. Look at the compromise below. Dangerous and slow that was. Do not try it at home.


So there you have it, the wonderful things underrated in my life. Have you anything else to add?

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