Have a Little Patience

Patience – do I have any? The answer to that varies depending on how you ask. I guess I am OK in comparison to other people I know. Long queues don’t really bother me that much, I don’t mind waiting a bit longer to see a film, and I don’t get particularly annoyed when I have to wait for somebody who is late. There are of course some things which do try my patience.


Ignorant people. No, we cannot be expected as human beings to know everything. We can however choose to learn more about a person’s beliefs, customs, etc. which are different from us before we judge. Don’t open your big mouth if you have no idea what you are talking about.

People who blame others for their own misfortune. You are the maker of your own luck and happiness. It is all in your hands and not in any others. Believe me, once you start accepting that, life becomes a lot better.

People who think they are entitled. Quite similar to what I said above, you are not entitled to anything just for the mere fact of being a living, breathing person. If you want something in life from money, to a house, to a car, then go get it. It is not up to your parents, friends or the government to provide you with everything in life. A little bit of work or get-go never killed anybody.


To finish this post in a lighter tone, have a listen to this great song:


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