M is for Moooooooovies (And How They Are Not Better Than Books)

Movies, films, flicks. What other great way is there to spend a few hours than watching the latest releases. Ok, there are definitely others. Reading a book is perhaps my ideal way to spend a lazy afternoon. I do like a good movie as well though. What happens when a choice has to be made between the two? Watch a movie based on one of your favorite books! As that wonderful meerkat on the TV would say, ‘Simples!’


Except it is not so simple. Let me tell you why. 80% of the time the movie is a massive letdown, sometimes even a disaster. Don’t argue with me because you know it is true. So many times I have been let down by a book-come-movie. One which I also use as an example is ‘My Sister’s Keeper’ by Jodi Picoult. We know from my last post that I am a massive Jodi Picoult fan and to be let down by one of her greatest plots was an absolute heartbreak for me (no exaggeration). The ending was completely different and not as great as the original. Another movie which did not live up to the emotion the book portrayed was ‘The Soloist’ by Steve Lopez. My feelings ended up in all the wrong places there.


So, why bring up this rant now? Well, besides the fact that it has been bubbling inside me for a while now, I am going to see Divergent tonight and I am praying that it does not let me down. My inside sources (my sister) tell me that there are only minor changes and the movie sticks very closely to the plot of the book. See me ranting on Twitter (@joycorkery) later on tonight if this is not the case.


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