Eating in Budapest: Lángos

Today’s post incorporates two of my current ‘hot topics’ under the letter “L” – food and Budapest. I went to Budapest back in March and I cannot stop thinking about it ever since. You can read some more of my ramblings about the city by clicking here and reading a previous post about it, but right now it is all about Lángos. Sweet, sweet Lángos.


So, what is it? Basically, Lángos is fried dough? Doesn’t sound too appealing does it? I thought the same too when a friend recommended it to me and I looked it up. I really wanted to try something traditionally Hungarian and came across a Lángos stand bright and early on a Saturday morning in the Central Market Hall. Between two of us, we got the plan variety and one topped with garlic. One bite and I was hooked! I couldn’t get it down my fast enough which was hard because as you can imagine, it was quite filling. The plain one was delicious but my heart definitely lies with having a garlic topping. Be sure that you absolutely love garlic before ordering though because many whole cloves will be hitting your palette. It cost approximately 200 HUF for one which converts into under a euro for this wonderful delight. I teamed it with a bottle of cola and it was ‘bye, bye’ hangover.


I really love to try new foods and Lángos certainly has ranked itself high up on my list. If you know of a regional delicacy which is a must-try and suitable for a pescatarian diet, then do comment below!

Photo via FlickrCC.


  1. Mmmmm!! My husband and his family are from Hungary! Hands down some of the best food I have every tasted. My mother-in-law has been teaching me to make a number of classic dishes and it has been so rewarding!

    Loving your blog! So great “meeting” other bloggers participating in this challenge! 🙂

    1. Sounds amazing! Do share some of the recipes if you can. Would love to try a real traditional dish.

      Thanks for the lovely comment about my blog. This challenge has been very rewarding, especially with virtually meeting so many other bloggers.

      1. I hope to! I recently created a food-themed page, only have a rustic bread recipe on it so far. I’m planning on doing chicken paprikash in the near future! 🙂

      1. I actually don’t mind the smell. I know others are sensitive to it, so I try and be courteous, but the smell of garlic, even the after affects of garlic have never bothered me.

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