No Longer Am I Forever 21



Since Christmas, I have had a voucher for Forever 21 burning a hole in my pocket. I seemed to have gone off shopping in the last few months, with the need to spend my money on more necessary things creeping in. I am officially an adult. A couple of half-hearted attempts were made to try to spend it with no success until a couple of weeks ago when luck was in my favour.


The key to shopping I learned was to go on my own. A good hour was needed rummaging through everything, and another half was spent in the changing room. The second thing I learned was that I am no longer ‘forever 21’. While I am happy with the purchases you can see below, I felt much too old at the ripe age of 26 for 50% of what was stocked there. Not something that can be blamed on the store itself, I felt as if I was bulging out in the wrong places, and the colourful prints of the bodycon dresses were stretched and misshapen on me. The other half of the stock I loved but my size was gone. Typical.


Has anybody else hit a mid-20’s crisis in regards to their personal style? I hate everything in my wardrobe but have no idea what to replace them with. Either I feel like a frumpy old granny, or like I am trying to dress like somebody fresh out of secondary school. Any tips are as always very welcome.





  1. I’ve always had a very different style, and it changes from time to time. But I guess as long as I never wear what everyone else does, it will just be consistently difficult to find clothes. 😉

  2. I am glad you wrote about this topic Joy. Except for me I am feeling more stylish than ever for some reason! I completely agree about the bodycon styles but they never fitted me properly anyway so it hasn’t affected me too badly. It was turning 26 that mad me think what have I done with my early 20’s being scared of what people might of me??? So now I am going for it and feeling superb. Stuff you 21 year olds I can still do it haha 🙂

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