Not Only A Man’s Best Friend

Today’s post is a way to introduce, and show off, my wonderful dogs. Dearest readers, meet Bella and Mona, simply the two best dogs in the world. They are Cavalier King Charles and are oh so cute. I got Bella as a present for my 19th birthday. She crawled over to me with a pink ribbon tied around here, sat on my lap and we have been the best of friends ever since. Almost 2 years later she gave birth to puppies, and Mona was one.


Both have looks that would melt the coldest of hearts, but have very different personalities. Bella is very lady like and caring. She still cleans Mona to this day. She is never bold and just likes to sit and observe her surroundings. Mona is a tomboy, and through to name, is a bitch. She is loving of course but does her own thing all the time. She pushes Bella from the sofa and steals her food. She even pushes people from the sofa. She barks if you eat your dinner without sharing, hates any animal that comes on the TV, and as I write this, has eaten a pair of my Dad’s shoes. But, she has so much character and personality that you have to love her.


When I moved to Berlin I had to leave the dogs behind. I miss them more than I miss some people in Ireland. I love returning home and being greeted by them. Bella gets especially clingy but then gives me the cold shoulder when I pick up my suitcase to leave again.


I could go on for days about these 2 beauties but we are meant to keep the posts short. Take the time instead to look at the pictures below and share some stories about your own pets. Enjoy!










  1. Thanks a lot! They really are characters. I miss them so much when I am here. I will try to take some more pictures of them when I am home next month and write another post.

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