Budapest: My New Favourite City

Today’s post is a picture heavy one. This something I don’t normally do but I just had to make my ‘B’ post in the A-Z challenge all about my recent trip to Budapest.


What a city. I was there for 3 nights and I loved every second of it. Budapest was recommended by a lot of people to me, and on top of writing about it frequently in work, I just had to go and see for myself. I was not disappointed. You can see from the pictures below just how amazing the local attractions were, but I could not capture by camera the true essence of the city.


The people for one were amazingly friendly. They spoke really good English and were eager to get it right and treat guests in the best way possible. Once thing I found surprising, was their surprise that we choose Budapest for a holiday. I guess this is a reason why the city is not a top tourist destination yet. No litter was scattered along the charming streets. It was nice to see people having pride in a city even if it was a poor one. The rumors that the city is a very cheap one are also true. Visitors can easily enjoy a full meal with drinks in a good restaurant for under €30. I wasn’t disappointed in any food consumed.


I feel like I am killing the entire experience trying to put it into words in this short blog post. The pictures below should speak for themselves. Just be sure that Budapest is a great, warm and welcoming city which will in no way disappoint you as a holiday destination. I am trying to plan a way to get back there already!

Me outside St. Stephen's Basilica
Me outside St. Stephen’s Basilica


Central Market Hall
Central Market Hall





Dohany Synagogue
Dohany Synagogue


View of the Parliament Building from across the Danube
View of the Parliament Building from across the Danube


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