Everybody Loves A Circus?

Today’s topic is a love/hate one I feel. The circus. So many debates have gone back and forth over the years in relation to animal cruelty and the circus. I have always loves the ‘Big Top’ from a young age, and took any opportunity to go see the latest show in town. That was until I went to see the circus in Alicante and was shocked by the high level of animal cruelty and the lack of health and safety. One alligator was just inches from snapping a young boy’s head off! It would take a pretty special show for me to attend a circus these days. But I found one.


Zirkus des Horrors, or The Horror Circus was where I spent my birthday this year. It was amazing and I am likely never to see anything like it again! People being hoisted from hooks on their back, the most flexible and strong people I have ever seen, and a whole lot of gore! Even entering the tent itself is an experience as creepy individuals lurk behind you. I have inserted some pictures below but they will do no justice to what a fantastic experience it really was. If it happens to come by your neck of the woods, do go! You won’t be disappointed.







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