Lent Is My New Year

So, yeah, like the title says, Lent is more or less my New Year. It is the time of the year that I make a resolution that I actually stick to. Last year I decided to stop eating meat, a decision which turned me into a fully fledged pescetarian. This lifestyle choice has certainly made an impact on my health so I thought that my Lenten resolution for this year should be something that would also benefit my body. Drumroll please………………… For 40 days I will not be eating any bread!

Will this be a success? Who knows! It was a flip between bread and chocolate and I am certainly not in any emotional state (and may very well never be) to give up chocolate. Bread I am ready for. Bread has found itself as the culprit for no real reason other than bad luck. I got it into my head that I was eating far too much and should cut down. I wanted a real challenge though so bread prevailed. I also wanted to embark on a little case study. Hypothesis: Eating less bread will result in a flatter tummy. Healthier meals in general will try to be juggled with this because all the chips I eat certainly take their toll too. Stay tuned to find out how I get on.


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