Why I Like Miley Cyrus

You my have noticed that I changed the title to ‘like’ from ‘admire’ which I usually use when writing this series. It’s just that I can’t say that I admire Miley Cyrus. We are just much too different to enter the admire stage of our one-side relationship (she knows a lot about me but I am restricted to what the media says about her. We are working on it). She is also not what I would entirely call a role model. Lord knows I don’t need to repeat her recent antics here. I know that I certainly would not my kids (if I had any) to aspire to be exactly like her. However, as a grown and relatively sensible woman, there are some aspects of Ms. Cyrus’ lifestyle which I think that if I had only just a smidgen of that, I would be a much happier person.

If you believe in yourself anything is possible – Miley Cyrus 

The first and most important think is her confidence of which I have none. Without even hearing me speak you can tell this by the way I hunch myself over and constantly cross my arms. I just love the way she struts around without given a second thought about what people think of her. There are so many things I want to do in life and cannot because I lack the confidence whether it be really making a go of this blog, to meeting new people, to joining some sort of club which may nurture any talent which lays within.

Photo via Celebquote.com
Photo via Celebquote.com

I also admire how she completely transformed herself. Not to everyone’s taste perhaps, but she decided she wanted a change and went for it wholeheartedly. I cannot even wear the latest trends without feeling like a quivering mess and not wanting to go outside the door. Some people who know me may not agree but once upon a time I was much more, not stylish perhaps, but more self-assured and daring when it came to fashion and would try to wear anything at least once. Now I just cover myself up in frumpy clothing.

Ok, so overall there seem to be only two reasons, although I think they are two important reasons. This post also morphed into a criticism of myself. Maybe seeing this words on-screen and have other reading them will prompt me into making some long-awaited changes. I urge anybody who has felt the same to come and share their tips. Who knows who may be inspired from them!

Ps: Re-reading this inner struggle I am having myself, I really should admire Miley. Keep doing what your doing Ms. Cyrus.

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