Life Hacks for the Disaster Prone

Two words for you – life hacks. Where would we be without them? Probably trying to still sort put some mundane problem preventing us from even walking out the front door (slight exaggeration). I have some weird pastimes and one of them is stalking furiously the Life Hacks twitter account. Those guys have some pretty useful stuff and I try to store them in my brain to prevent future mayhem. Alas, because Murphy’s law like to play a big part in my life, all the useless information I have stored up over the years did not prepare me for two pretty shitty incidents which occurred in my usual uneventful life these last weeks.

The first incident was my own stupid fault in fairness. I cut some peppers and then I rubbed my eyes. Don’t judge me. Lots of others must have made the same mistake because after 15 minutes of intense burning, I Googled my problem and so many other people had asked the same question. The solution my friends is not water like I had originally though, oh no. It is milk. As gross as it sounds, if you put some milk in your eye it neutralises the heat of the peppers, etc. and provides instant relief in seconds.

So, after this extremely blond moment, I thought I would work towards a long-term solution and tone down my bleach blond hair. That and I wanted a change. I annoyed those around me for colour suggestions and eventually decided on a vanilla blond colour. In my naive manner I thought that you could put any blond tone over another and it would take. Wrong. If it has ashy tones it will make your hair turn grey. Yup, my hair turned grey. And I was devastated. I wanted something a bit different, yes, but nothing that would make me age 50 years. I think I cried for about 45 minutes until I found the very useful video seen below on YouTube. I quickly took the advice, mixed lemon juice with conditioner, put it in my hair and left it a while. While it didn’t entirely strip my hair (probably because I didn’t leave it in long enough)’ it did tone it down which was a god send in itself!

There you have it, two of my favourite life hacks at the moment. Have you any to share with a disaster prone gal?


  1. I’m glad that you managed to sort out your hair. There’s a great life hack photo that was doing the rounds on Pinterest which had some amazing tips, I just wish I could remember them all when I need them!

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