Review: Aussie Miracle Moist

Once upon a time I had beautiful long, thick hair. Even though I died it blond often, it kept its health and was my pride and joy (no pun intended). I spent a lot of money on products to keep it in good shape. Then one day I stopped because I foolishly thought that any ol product would do. This is a tale of how reminiscent to the prodigal son of how I returned after many years to Aussie.

I have to thank my sister for bringing Aussie back to me. At Christmas she took one look at me hair and said I had to start using them again. By the end of the holidays I heeded her advice and upon landing again in Berlin I ran into the first DM to purchase my own bottles.


The Miracle Moist line is what I am using currently but from past experience I can tell you they all will work in your favor. There may be a line more suitable for you but don’t fret if you can’t locate it, just grab any bottle of Aussie. Within days you will see a difference. The cold weather was making my hair extremely knotting which makes for another enemy in life, the hairbrush. Aussie makes me hair so smooth that I can now glide a brush, comb or even my fingers through it. Like it says on the bottle, my hair is now a lot more moist allowing for less breakage which is great for someone who is distraught about her hair getting thinner. Another personal favorite about the product is the smell. In my opinion it is like bubblegum, and the best part is it lingers for a couple of days!

One off-putting this is the price. Aussie, in Berlin at least, is €5.95 for a 300 ml bottle. Don’t let this put you off! It is worth ever cent, especially if you have dry, colour treated hair like mine. Plus, only a small blob is enough per month. I have mine a month after washing my hair 2-3 times a week and it is till half full.

I really cannot recommend Aussie enough. In the long-term, I don’t think there is any way I would revert back to another shampoo. It would want to be really special! I am looking forward to rediscovering again all the Aussie brand has to offer and having smashing hair as a result!

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