Book Review: How I Learn by Helen Bullock

HILHello everyone! Today I have another book review for you, one that is special to me. Those of you familiar with the Twitter scene may have seen the hash tag #howIlearn circulating the last few months. In fact the last year or more if you have been following it from its birth. If not, shame on you! No worries though, I am nice enough to provide you with a little background information. How I Learn is the brainchild of my dear friend Helen Bullock, an excellent teacher and advocator of all things education. She started the entire How I Learn process over there as a series of posts written by teachers, pupils and everyone in between about, you got it, how they learn. Fast forward a whole lot of hard work and dedication from Helen and you now have popular e-book and paper book versions of the series. Pause here to give a big clap for Helen.

How I Learn is important to me for two reasons. The first is pretty obvious – it is a great book! This is not a biased opinion. From what I can gather, there is not a book currently out there like it. Yes there are a number of scientific books which focus on different learning styles but in my opinion, no matter how much research has been done, one person can not hypothesize for millions of people. What is special about How I Learn is that it is real people talking, people whom those of us outside the academic circle can relate to. This is very important especially to those currently going through the education system, which is why I would recommend this book as a gift to school goers.

The second, but not most important, reason why I am tooting its horn is what it has done for me. Helen asked me to help a little with the editing of this book, and further along the social media. I love to read and write so there is no guessing what my immediate answer was. What I didn’t expect was how many doors it would open for me. I enjoyed the editing and marketing aspects so much, that I decided to try to make a career of it, and now have a job that I love as a Content Writer. The admiration that I have for Helen in all that she has achieved for How I Learn has also inspired me to change some aspects of my own life. I entered 2014 with the determination to change both myself and my lifestyle for the better and certainly Helen and the lovely people who contributed to How I Learn which have been a driving factor towards this.

You might not finish How I Learn and take away the same things which I have, but without doubt, you will take away something. Put this on your wish list or give it as a present. Whoever’s hands it falls into will not be disappointed!

You can buy the ebook here, a hardcopy here,.


  1. Wow! This sounds like a fab read, I currently work in a secondary school and think it would be really interesting to learn more about learning! I will check it out!

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