Banish the Grimness of January

Every year it is the same thing. The build up to Christmas is immense, and is followed be parties, presents and delicious food. Then January comes and it feels as if we have been deposited into the depths of despair. We have no money, friends have returned to their adopted homes and the weather is cold and bleak. Facebook timelines are filled with posts about how bleak life now is. Well, that kind of attitude ain’t gonna get anybody anywhere. No fear, I am here to help. Like I wrote previously about what I loved about Xmas, I am going to share with you how I banish the grimness of January.

1. The cold and wet weather of January is a great month to snuggle up indoors. Nothing beats lying with a blanket on the couch listening to the rain bounce off the window as you catch up on the DVDs and books you got at Xmas. Bliss!

2. Those looking to be a bit more active can try out recipes they have been dying to make, start that blog or novel they have been talking about for God know how long or finally rewrite their CV and start working towards their dream job.

3. Pamper days! Head out to the nearest drugstore (or be savvy and order online) and pick up some of your favourite beauty products and spend the day revitalizing your tired body. This will work wonders for your confidence as well when you set foot in work on Monday all preened and proper.

4. All those museums and galleries you have been wanting to visit are sitting there with arms wide open – and central heating inside! Spend some time wandering through them now and keep the summer months for relaxing in the sun.

5. Catch up with friends. Invite them to join you in any one of the suggestions above. For those living further away, set up a Skype date. Try not to get jealous of those enjoying sunshine and 25 degree heat!

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