Book Review: Divergent by Veronica Roth

For weeks and weeks my sister was on my case to read Divergent by Veronica Roth until one day over Christmas, I was faced with no choice as she thrust the book into my hand and pushed me to the counter to pay. At this point I was still apprehensive in regards to whether I would like it or not. The cover and blurb on the back were not so appealing to me. Neither were these words of recommendation: ‘If you liked The Hunger Games, you will love it’. I am one to put me hands up when I am wrong; I did love it!


I had two main reasons in the first place for not wanting to read this book. One was that it would be too childish for me as it was marketed within the teenage genre before it became a bestseller. More often than not, teenage books don’t cut it for me, excluding perhaps The Hunger Games and The Fault in Our Stars. This is where the advice ‘if you liked The Hunger Games, you will love it’ comes into play again because it is absolutely true. It also leads me to my next point.


As you can see from the above blurb, the story is somewhat like The Hunger Games in that it is set in a futuristic Chicago where the land and people are separated into different factions. When they reach a certain age, they must choose which faction they think they belong too, or stay where they were born and raised. It is hard to let you know which faction ‘divergent’ Beatrice picks without giving some of the plot away so you will have to bear with my vagueness here. What I can say is that there are more than a few similarities between herself and Katniss. This made the beginning of the book slightly dull for me as I could not help but make comparisons. This only lasted a few chapters however and while slight similarities can be found, Roth’s intriguing story makes readers forget all about whats-her-face.

Overall the book was a fast and enjoyable read with parts which left you dying to know what happens next. Although I did it myself, it is a shame that many comparisons have been made between The Hunger Games as there are parts fully unique to this book which are absolutely amazing. There are no shortage of plot twists and the ending makes you want to run out and buy the next in the series. I certainly know they will be in my next book haul!


  1. OH MY GOD!!!!!!! All that she said up there doesnt begin to describe the amazingness of this book!!!!!! For those of u who wanted to know which faction Beaitrice “Tris” Prior chooses…let’s just say she is very brave. For those of you who have not read the book but have read THG series… do. not. make. any. comparisons! It is wrong as there is twi completely different people writing them and Divergent is nothing like THG!!!!! If you are just reading my comment and you did compare it…it’s true that you shouldn’t have compared them. it is a different book. and those of you who are reading my comment and grinning because you didn’t do it and u feel proud for not doing it…you should be proud. it is a different book and shouldn’t be compared. I honestly think that Tris and Katniss are nothing alike. you can dissagree but it is my opinion. they are too different to be tagged together. i am sorry if i am annoying anybody by stating my opinions but if u were really that annoyed u would have stopped reading this already. And for those of you that are FRAKING OUT over the movie, i am on the same page cuz with 4 days left i am loosing my head and my sanity and any trace thereof. i may sound like im staying cool but i am actually…quite literally…scary calm but frwaking out in the inside. i have an obsession that is bigger on the inside. (a special thanks for those WHO got that…and that!) i am also quite frankly wanting it to not come this soon as well because if it ends up being awful i will cry for dayz. God, help me through this long and difficult journey ahead with the feels. Thank you for reading my comment. leave a reply if you have any objections because i would be happy to argue it back and forth with you. once again This book was the best book i have ever read!!!!! I reccomend it and hope that you will read it olif you have not already done that. thank you. reply!!!!

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