Forced Out Or a Matter of Choice? A 20-something-year-old who left Ireland

This week I read an interesting piece which touched on the issue of the Irish Government forcing youth out of the country (see here). It noted the wonderful (add hint of sarcasm here) measures which have been taken to get the country back on track including cuts in university grants and the JobBridge scheme. Answers on a postcard as to why these haven’t worked yet. Such criticisms are seen in the news every day. What I took away from the article instead was the question: ‘if things were different in Ireland, would I have left?’.

Taken from
Taken from

The simple and brutally honest answer here is no, I would not have left.  I was not one of the first to leave a sinking ship as they say. Nope, I stayed in my part-time sales job as my hours dwindled in the hope that something good, or even just slightly better, would arise out of 100’s of job applications. It never did until I applied for jobs abroad. It was a big step leaving my friends and family and the place I always called home. I have never lived outside my parents house let alone the country. I left Berlin with a mixed sense of dread and excitement and find myself still here 2 and half years later with a job that I love as a Content Editor.

The move has put me on the right path for a long-term career in a field I was hoping for. It also paved the way for this blog which I probably would not have started if I were still at home. I have a nice life here and many opportunities and experiences I would never had gained recession or not. Still, I hope that things will recover so I can build a life for myself maybe 10 years down the line with a family. And if I do decide to stay abroad, I hope things will improve for the people who are still keeping Ireland alive.

Well, that is my answer for you. An honest answer about how you could say I was ‘forced out’. An answer I am sure those in government would not appreciate. However, there is still a lot to be gained from the country. I carried out a lot of voluntary work at home which if I had not, I certainly would not have had so many doors open to me in Berlin. Take what you can from it. There are still people at home willing to give youth a chance.

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