Resuming Normal Scheduling…..

…. to me and my blog! I was going to say by popular demand but I doubt very much that anybody’s life was put on hold because I haven’t been posting regularly (if it has, let me know down below). What I really hate about these types of posts is the long sob story about why the blogger hasn’t published anything in a while. They vow that things will change and say that they will post from now on at least three times a week. This is not one of those posts because quite simply, for me, like many others, life just got on the way. It happens, not only with blogging, but with all aspects of life. However, I do know that they are some very nosy people out there, so here are the list of reasons I was AWOL:

1. My parents were here.

2. I needed to look for a new apartment.

3. Luckily for me, many social events popped up.

4. I was sick.

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