Cork, Hurling and the Great Dónal Óg Cusack

imagesToday I offer to you just one singular quote as I feel that is all this post needs. Some of you may remember me writing a couple of weeks ago about the All Ireland Hurling Final. Well, today is the replay so I thought I would reflect something with a connection to the game in this post. I was contemplating writing something which spoke all about how great Cork is but not sure how others would feel about that 🙂 What I have instead is a quote from a great Cork hurler. You may think that by including this quote I have still alienated people from outside of Ireland, but just replace hurling with what ever you passion is and you will understand the choice I made. Enjoy!

“I believe hurling is the best of us, one of the greatest and most beautiful expressions of what we can be. For me that is the perspective that death and loss cast on the game. If you could live again you would hurl more, because that is living. You’d pay less attention to the rows and the mortgage and the car and all the daily drudge. Hurling is our song and our verse, and when I walk in the graveyard in Cloyne and look at the familiar names on the headstones I know that their owners would want us to hurl with more joy and more exuberance and more (as Frank Murphy used to tell us) abandon than before, because life is shorter than the second half of a tournament game that starts at dusk” – Dónal Óg Cusack

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