I Originally Forget the Title for this Post

imagesLove it or hate it, it’s coming around again. What is the answer to my riddle you ask? Winter. The cold, the rain and the gloom have already descended upon us even though it is only mid-September (I am pretty sure this time last year was a lot nicer, right?).

Believe it or not, winter is a natural cycle and there is no amount of moaning on Facebook or Twitter which can change the fact. All you are doing is making the matter worse. And annoying me in the meantime….perhaps. See, I have got a trick up my sleeve from September to April – I love the colder months! This is still even a bit too warm (scoff if you like) for me and I am itching to really get into the cosy winter weather. Anyway, to the main point of this post, I wanted to react to all this winter negativity and with this one brilliant post, change the minds of millions of people world-wide on the matter. So, here it goes. Why I LOVE winter:

1. Christmas. I shouldn’t even have to mention that one. Not only it mean a couple of weeks of festivities, it also signals one of my 2-a-year trips home. And what can be better than that.

2. Food. We all know that Christmas is THE food season, but the coldness of the winter time provides me with the perfect excuse to eat loads – I am growing my winter coat. We all know body fat/heat/whatever is what keeps us warm.

3. The winter wardrobe. So much better than the summer wardrobe. Who doesn’t love being snuggled up in tights, boots and scarves. The day I get back out my huge winter jacket is sure to put a massive smile on my face.

4. Bikini bodies. The term makes me shiver. I never have nor never will have a bikini body. Amongst other things I disagree with, life, and indeed the summer, is too short to spend stuck inside the gym only to stick on a bikini for one day only to probably have someone frown upon me anyway. This sense of competition also extends to summer holidays and our constant need to top each other.

5. Soup. The best lunch/dinner in the world makes a comeback. Eating it during the summer threatens to put me into a heat coma that nobody got time for!

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