Fake It Up!

So last night I had another revelation in terms of my strange little diet (diet in terms of what I eat, not meaning I am trying to lose weight). While I have been eating veggie burgers for quite some time now I usually have the vegetable patty or the tofu burger. Last night I had my first fake meat burger.

Straight to the point, I thought it tasted like meat. I asked for a second opinion from a meat eater to be told that it tasted nothing like meat. Not an exclusive result even out of a small test group but I am going to be biased anyway and say my opinion wins. After all, I am the one who will be eating them! Wrapped up in all the dressings there really wasn’t much of a difference for me. I think I prefer the burger varieties I mention above but this is nice too and I love finding different things to eat to shake it up a bit.

Do you have any meat alternatives to share?

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