Nothing Wrong With A Bit Of Basic, Penney’s Basics

After a weekend of lots of sleeping with no real benefits, and massive shoulder and neck pain, I was very grateful to have some new Penney’s basics to throw on me yesterday going to work. When shopping, I often look for what is trendy or different and forget that actually, it is just basics we need. They look good on their own or they can act as a blank canvas. Plus they are comfy – I was real comfy in mine yesterday. I needed comfort on a Monday morning and my new Penney’s basics gave that to me. Thank you Penney’s and thank you plainer items of the world.

For those interested, here is a sneaky peak of what I actually bought:




Not a basic, but it’s a good time to throw in a picture of this bag my boyfriend got me during a day trip to Poland. Good things about living in Berlin number 2324: We are an hour from the border of Poland. Don’t get that in Ireland I am afraid!



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