10 Day Challenge: 8 Fears

10 day


It has been on a bit of a hiatus, but the 10 Day Challenge is back! Not on the most uplifting of themes I must say but here goes my 8 fears.

Fear of heights: I am sure I missed many a wonderful view but heights really freak me out. I even had a hard time looking out the window of my 4th floor apartment. I went to the Cliffs of Moher once and it was not a pleasant experience.

Losing my mind: I can’t actually find the scientific term for what I mean so I apologise if I cause any offence, but I have this fear that one day I will be walking across a bridge or something and in a split second be after throwing myself over. Very morbid I know but the mind is a strange and sensitive thing and I am afraid mine will turn on me one day.

Fear of death: Perhaps my biggest fear of all. It is pretty common so I won’t go into it as I really don’t even like talking about the subject.

Fear of drowning: I wash my face separate rather than in the shower. That says a lot about this fear or otherwise.

Fear of losing loved ones: This ties into the fear of death more or less but I guess in reality there are other, also hurtful ways in which we can lose our loved ones.

Fear of snakes: No bones, that weird jaw, those evil eyes – so many ways in which snakes are just not right.

Fear of spiders: They give me the shivers even thinking about them.

Fear of people running at me: It is a weird one I know but if I hear kids running behind me or even just someone out on a jog, I automatically tense up. It freaks me out.

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