10 Day You Challenge: 9 Loves

10 dayHere we go!

1. Books. There is nothing I love more than a good book. I devour books and can go through two a week but I try my best not to do so or I will have no storage! I will always opt for a good book over a film and if there is a film adaption made of a book, I have to read the book first.

2. Chips/Fries. These are my absolute favorite food; there is rarely a dinner that goes by in which they are not included. Now that I come to think of it they also frequent breakfasts and lunches from time to time. I have certain places where I will go just because of their chips, and I will dip them in almost anything. My mouth is watering now…..

3. Music. It amazes me how just one song can have a 180 effect on my mood. Sometimes I like to sit alone with my headphones in and allow a song to bring me back to a time and a place like only music can.

4. Glee. Although it pains me to write this following the passing of Corey Monteith. Some people dismiss Glee as a kids show but I totally disagree. I began watching it in my 20s and it did an awful lot for my confidence and helped me to accept who I was. I can identify myself with the characters even if the issues discussed are often ones which occur during your teenage years. See, the thing is, that often the effects of school stay with you for many years later but not only that, sometimes the going on’s of the workplace are reminiscent of our school years. Glee has taught me to be myself and quite frankly stick my middle finger up to the rest of the world.

5. Bella and Mona. These are my two dogs and I love them more than any little paragraph in a blog post can describe. Mona is the daughter of Bella, with the father and two other children living with family. It is great to get them all together at times and see how excited they get. Before I got Bella I never had much time for dogs, in fact I was afraid of dogs but she made me truly realised the sheer love they can bring into one’s life.


6. Clothes. Yes I have loads of clothes and no I don’t plan on stopping any time soon. That sounds greedy but clothes for me are a way of expressing myself. Throughout the years when I felt completely down and out about myself, the one thing I never faltered on was wearing exactly what I wanted to wear. It was the only area I had total confidence and to this day I still love the feeling of pulling on an outfit and knowing I look fantastic.

7. Polka dot and floral prints. If anything has either of these prints on them you can almost guarantee they will end up in my possession – especially items of clothing. This of course results in my wardrobe looking a bit repetitive but it hasn’t stopped me yet!

8. Westlife. Man, I miss these guys. Everyday I hold on to the possibility that they will reunite sooner rather than later. It killed my soul a bit not to have a concert to go to this year. At least Shane has released some new music. Yay!

9. Tramore, Co. Waterford, Ireland. I have been going to this seaside town with family for years upon years and sheer enjoyment of the trip never falters for me. If you have any means of getting there even for a day, I highly recommend it.

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