10 Day You Challenge: 10 Secrets

10 dayLord knows I love a good challenge and while I may have enough of them as it is, I thought what’s the harm on taking on another! So here it is, the 10 Day You Challenge or what I like to call it, the 10 Days Randomly Picked Across Some Weeks Challenge, which indicates exactly that there posts will not come one after the other. Now that is clear, let’s get on with the secrets!


1. I have this weird sensitive skin that has not only blessed me with a bright red face, but also sometimes makes the feel of fabrics on me unbearable.

2. I like to have a dance in the lift leaving/arriving at my apartment when I have my headphones on.

3. I have the worst taste in television programs with my current favourite being Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares. Even worse is the fact that I am eagerly awaiting the return of Honey Boo Boo

4. I believe in ghosts. Or spirits. Or something, there is definitely something out there.

5. Just because I was only 8 there is no excuse for me having cried because Ronan Keating got married.

6. I cannot ride a bike, rollerblade or swim

7. For years and years, up until 2 years ago in fact, I could not sleep unless the television was on in the room

8. I am the most unfit person ever and sometimes can’t even walk up the stairs without becoming out of breath

9. For a very long time I thought I could sing or at least I could train myself to without any professional help. Massive fail.

10. I have this weird thing about calling people by their names to them directly. There are some people I didn’t call by their name for months, maybe even years.

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