The Happiness Project – July Edition

MoneyAnother month gone by! If this project does nothing else for me, it will have made me realise how fast the time can go by! It can actually be quite scary. So scary that it can often make my meant-to-be-schedueled posts go up late. Better late then never they say though so let’s crack on!

June’s goal was to make time for friends which worked out both good and bad. I had some fun times but there was not enough contact as I would have liked or indeed should have occurred. Then again that was my choice so I shouldn’t be whingeing on here about it. Last month I felt I needed some time to be on my own as much as possible, both here and in Ireland, and while I may have hurt some people’s feelings it was something I needed to refresh my soul. Still, making time friends is very important for me and I hope to make up for lost time beginning right now.

So July – buy some happiness. Immediately I thought this is not going to happen, I am trying to save and there is no way Gretchen can justify me buying out half of Urban Outfitters. But as the chapter progressed, I realised I can work with this and my two main goals for July are as follows: I will spend money on something which I know is beneficial in the long run rather than a cheap alternative, and I will spend out. The first is self-explanatory and by the second I mean that I will actually use say the face products I have, or I will wear the clothes in my wardrobe instead of waiting for a ‘special time’ (I am a terror for this as you may already know). These tasks I can live with for now I think. Wish me luck!

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