Review: Banishing That Brassiness!


It is not often that I write reviews on here but when I come across a product as good as this it would be a sin not to share! This one is for all you blonds out there but it comes with just one word of warning, I am not sure if you can buy this product outside of Germany. Oops. Nevertheless, I am sure that a similar brand can be bought in any good hairdressing supply outlet. So, what is it that I am talking about?

My new favourite products are the Omeisan shampoo and conditioner. Although the packaging states that they are for use on silver/grey hair, the product works just as well on blond hair. I tend to die my roots every six weeks and even then I ONLY die my roots as I certainly do not want my hair cracking and falling out. Therefore, after a while, the ends of my hair tend to turn this awful orange colour which looks dreadful. Previously I raved about the John Frieda Sheer Blond tone restoring shampoo but after a few weeks I gave up. At nearly €7 per bottle it was doing nothing for my hair only drying it out. I almost gave up on all purple shampoos to be honest but with my hair beginning to look worse I decided to have a gander around my local supply store and found the miracle that is Omeisan. These guys really work and my hair, while after 6 weeks is not completely restored, it is 85% of the way there! I wish I had taken some before and after pictures but at the time I thought why bother as this purchase will probably be a failure too. But at less that €6 euro for the set they are working wonders. I use them once a week, or approximately every second wash, and they have not dried out my hair one bit.

I am really, really happy with the progress and if you can find these locally I do recommend buying them. Here is a pic for your reference!


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