Oh Look, Another Post About Penneys/Primark and Asos

Source: www.squidgymoments.ie
Source: http://www.squidgymoments.ie

Yesterday when I heard that Penneys (Primark for all you non-Irish readers) was now selling their stock on Asos, I was initially excited. It automatically meant eliminating the fear of losing a limb on the war field that is the Penneys shop floor, cheaper prices due to my sister’s student discount and the ability to browse the clothes whenever and wherever I felt like it. What more could I want! Well the excitement was short lived because I found out today only those residing in the UK can avail of delivery. However my main reason for tearing myself away from the Asos website was I actually love what I call the ‘Penneys experience’. I love the hustle and bustle of going to the store on a busy day, especially around the holiday period. I love going there on a Tuesday morning because I know that is when the new stuff comes in and they reduce some of the older stock. I love bumping into a friend only for her to show me the latest Penney’s purchase which results in me tearing down the road to buy it too. I love the thrill of going through the hangers, and the tags because you have to be certain, to see if my size is in stock, with the experience ending either in triumph or devastation. Being in Penneys reminds me of times at home when I would go into town with my sister just for Penneys, and times when I spent many a lunch break wondering around in there with my former colleagues. Shopping in the Penneys here in Berlin brings back all those good memories which only that magical place can. Asos, I am just not ready to succumb to you yet.


*This is my 100th post by the way. Who better to dedicate it to than Penneys.

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