Who Said Today Isn’t Special?

I have this weird issue with clothes. On the one hand, I adore them. One of my favorite pastimes is to go clothes shopping. Sub-pastimes include browsing clothes shops, looking at fashion magazines, blogs and YouTube videos, reorganizing my wardrobe and looking through the wardrobe of others. One may come to the conclusion that I am a tab obsessed with clothes. The dark side to this theory is that I often hate my clothes. Well, hate may be too strong a word and you will see why as I explain, but the feelings that are conjured up inside me because of clothes often feel the same way hatred does.

I hate/dislike/detest/insert other word my clothes because I feel like I can never wear them. Not that I cannot physically put them on my body rather that I am always waiting for the right occasion, something special where they can really feel their worth. Problem is this ‘special thing’ never seems to arrive. No I do not have an awfully boring life; in fact I do pleasant things on a weekly basis. It just seems that what I do is never quite fitting for my clothes and so I end up with countless items hanging out in my wardrobe besieged by the weight of the still attached tag. Maybe I should note here that I do not have a vast collection of ball gowns which would pinpoint the crux of my problem. Instead what I have are clothes similar to every other Average Joe, or Average Joy if you will.

This silliness needs to end and I plan on putting a stop to it. As some readers might already know (and if not go read about it out after this post!), I am currently reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin while also partaking on my own quest which I update here on Joyfullantidotes every month. I am really enjoying the process and am taking as much of what Gretchen says on board as I can. However, I wanted to use this post to write one of my own life commandments: treat every day as an occasion. I have definitely seen various forms of this quote circulating the internet but I am going to apply it here specifically to the idea of dressing up, but not necessarily to the extreme, on a daily basis. Life is too short for a lot of things but certainly to have lots of beautiful clothes sitting redundant in my apartment. See, I have tried this approach before, and what I learned is that if I wear nice clothes, things I feel comfortable or attractive in, I automatically feel ten times more confident and relaxed in my own skin. I guess you could see this as a form of faking confidence in order to achieve the real thing. So that is what I am going to do, dress every day like it is special. A small step towards a goal for a more content life but a step nonetheless. Now if only I had a decent camera to do some outfit posts….

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  1. This post is adorable and made me chuckle. I’m the exact same way. I have so many clothes that I just love but always feel like I should be attending a white house event while wearing them. Everyday is a fashion show in my world. Glad to know I’m not alone 🙂 keep walkin that cat walk girl!

    1. Thank you for the comment! I am glad someone else feels this way. I feel guilty then for not wearing the clothes but I still keep buying more and not wearing them too. It is a never-ending story! I am going to take your advice on board – why not strut our stuff every day 🙂

  2. There you go! I’m very new to blogging and Just started a beauty blog myself, I’m wondering how to become apart of your blog roll? And any advice you can give me? Your blog is wonderful!

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