March You Have Been Difficult – The Happiness Project

Not so late with this post. Maybe I am getting better!

 I actually don’t have too much to report on for this month as my goals for March were not ones which I could complete in such a short amount of time. What I can tell you though, and with much regret, is that I had to drop out of my first Cousera course. This really put a downer on my mood but having been unable to complete the first few assignments, I was incapable in receiving a good end mark. Over the past weeks I developed an infection on both my hands and feet which saw them almost 70% covered in blisters. As a result of this I was completely unable to do anything – type, feed myself, even leave my apartment – and my course work suffered as a result. No fear though, I have signed up for another and look forward in embarking on that over the next weeks. I also found it difficult to even pick up a book so my goals for April will have to come to you in another post. Keep your eyes peeled!

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