My Journey Towards Pescatarianism

In a previous post I explained how I had decided to give up meat for Lent. For anyone who needs a recap, my reasons can be read here. As Lent has now drawn to a close I wanted to provide an update on how things went, so here it goes.

It was a success! *crowd goes wild* Not one piece of meat passed my lips, not even poultry which I had earlier claimed I would continue to eat. I am really happy about this, so much so that in the long-term I have decided to give up meat for good! I proved to myself that I had the willpower to do so when I rebelled against the sweet smell of a fry-up throughout my weekend in London.

So, why commit? Because I feel bloody great! I suffered a lot in the past with my stomach sometimes experiencing pain so bad I could not even stand up straight. Since I changed my diet these aches have disappeared. I was never a lover of the thoughts of eating animals so my conscience has calmed a bit. I have opened myself up to so many new culinary delights including fish which I swore only a month ago that I hated. What was I thinking?!

Due to my new-found love of fish and my reluctance to give up dairy, I can be labeled a pescatarian rather than a vegetarian and this is ok with me. I never set out to save the environment on my quest and I know that I will need to consume such foods to keep healthy. I am not adventurous enough with food to do otherwise. While I am excited about trying even more new dishes I know I will never love beans and roots enough to be able to leave a vigorous lifestyle.

Well, that is my update and massive decision made. I really hope I can stick to this and appreciate any tips and delectable recipes you may have.


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