London Baby!

I have returned from a few days break in London and am back to real life. It is always hard settling again after a holiday no matter how long or short it is. It may take days to recover. Sigh.

Usually these types of posts include lots of pictures of what the writer got up to. This is no such post. I am terrible with a camera and any picture I could upload would be barely eligible anyway. Plus, this post is not necessarily about my adventures in the big city rather my general observations of the place.

I had been in London twice before with the last being over 12 years ago so as you can guess there was not much I could remember, and that which I could, turned out to be somewhat disoriented memories. At least I got the chance to discover the city all over again. So, what did I think this time around?

Samuel Johnson was so accurate in his descriptions of London. Gazing at my surroundings this is what I immediately thought. In some places I could close my eyes and transport myself back 200-300 years to a period I loved learning about it.

– As much as I esteemed historical London, I was slightly disappointed about the lack of modern buildings I saw. I am open to correction here as the reason may simply be that I was not roaming the right areas. No harm though as I very much enjoyed much more learning about the past through the appearance of the buildings.

– My suspicions were confirmed that the London Eye is indeed ugly although slightly more attractive by night. My fear of heights may make me biased here.

– On the other hand, I was pleasantly surprised by Big Ben which I thought would not impress me at all.

– I never thought there could be a Primark/Penneys so amazing in the world as the one located on Oxford Street.

– For a city notorious for its fish and chips, I did not find one place which matched a good ol’ bag of Irish ‘chipper chips’. Please comment below if there is somewhere I should go on my next visit.

– The German underground/over ground systems are a breeze in comparison to London.

– Many of the tourist spots were nearby each other. Massive win for my feet!

Overall, I am looking forward to visiting again. I took so many sights in these past days as well as seeing the fabulous Wicked! but I know the city has so much more to offer me. What do you think of London? Any recommendations?

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