I Love My Shoes – They Bring Me Happiness

“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world”

I knew Marilyn Monroe would always defend us females and our love of shoes.

Personally, I am a shoe addict. I never was until I began working in a shoe store and began to truly value the beauty they behold. Upon my move to Berlin I had to leave most of my beauties behind and only managed to take a mere 24 pairs out of a whooping collection of 163. Yes, you read right, 163 pairs of shoes. This assortment does not include Jimmy Choo’s or anything from Prada, but are a mixture from Penneys (Primark), Topshop, Dune, River Island, etc. The lack of designer shoes allows me to feel more justified in having so many. Even as I write this post I am itching to run out and buy, or more conveniently order online, yet another pair. So what makes me, or more or less the entire female race, love shoes so much?

Admittedly, as many men will tell us, there is no need to own so many pairs of shoes – the average man owns 4 pairs of shoes in comparison to a woman’s 19. However, regardless of what the other sex think, scientific research has our back. A survey completed by Glamour magazine highlighted the positive effects with regards to self-esteem a woman can experience when slipping on a pair of shoes. Two key points which stood out relate to weight and posture – issues which are frequently found prowling a female’s mind. Just think about it, while a woman’s weight may fluctuate and could oblige her perhaps to change her clothing style, it is often the case that she can continue to wear the same sexy pair of stilettos. Similarly, these stilettos can have fast improvements on woman’s posture. As the old saying goes: “to be able to talk the talk, you have to be able to walk the walk”. Additionally, Prof. Boguslaw Pawlowki of Wroclaw University has calculated the formula for the perfect pair of legs – 30.5in for a woman of 5ft 4in. This calculation is approximately 5% longer than the average length therefore leading into the conclusion that slipping on heeled shoes can improve happiness levels.

So ladies, next time you feel a twinge of guilt the next time your credit card has treated you to another new pair of shoes, just think of the added benefits they can bring to your life besides the fact that they will look super cute with the dress just purchased 15 minutes earlier

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