Love With All Your Heart

February’s goals as part of The Happiness Project will certainly take me more than a mere 28 days to conquer. I do not show the love I have for others as I should. More so, it feels like the only feelings I offer are that of anger, resentment and frustration. Like Gretchen, every time I vent these feelings, the end result is feeling guilty which in turn encourages me to spurt my venom twice as bad.

I must admit, after reading the first chapter I thought I was only kidding myself that this book could help my current discontentment with life. Little did I know just how much of an effect February would have on me – February is me. I am lucky to have some wonderful people in my life yet at times I treat them so badly. I don’t ever want them to leave my life but I push them away bit by bit. I am often so consumed with gaining approval from strangers that I feel to see my neglect of those who really matter.

This month I am determined to lay the foundations of a massive change which will not only be appreciated by those around me, but will be detrimental to my own personal health and feelings. I am not totally disillusioned in that I think this will be easy, but I sure am determined to give it all I got. Therefore, this month I will strive to:

– Stop nagging
– Stop snapping at people for minor issues
– Commit random acts of kindness towards others without expecting praise in return

Have you made any goals like this? I would love to hear

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