Dump, Donate, Declutter – The Aftermath

So, how did I do on the first month of my happiness project? Considering I only took on board one of Gretchen’s goals for January it should have been quite easy to succeed and overall I think I did pretty well.

Most of the decluttering surrounded my wardrobe and I managed to donate one large bag of unwanted clothes. I like to pride myself on buying lasting pieces trend wise but feared that I would be sorely disappointed during this task to see that most of my clothes were outdated. Pat me on the back, most of the clothes I will actually wear again. I just need to get myself wearing them but that is a topic for another post.

Other than my wardrobe, there was two other areas which needed decluttering – the dining table in our apartment and my desk at work. Neither had much to dump just the need to declutter. Relatively easy tasks which were completed in no time.

Therefore, to answer my initial question, I did very well in cleansing my surroundings of unnessecary items just looking for a home either in mine of that of another. However, in another sense I feel that I have failed. Spending January decluttering has done nothing really to raise me up to the Mount Everest of happiness. At least nobody can use this as a reason to make me get rid of more clothes.

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