Dump, Donate, Declutter

Firstly, a belated Happy New Year to everybody who has taken the time to come back and read my latest ramblings! I had all intentions of doing a proper new year/2013/resolutions post but I just didn’t have the determination. It felt like a copy cat post but more importantly, I just didn’t want to. This remark actually allows me to share one of my resolutions with you – to calm the hell down!

I am a worrier. About 60% of my day is filled with worrying about things that might happen, that have happened five years ago, what people think of me, if I have disappointed anybody – the list goes on. Admittedly it does feel like it is having a major strain on my life and I decided this needs to stop. From now on I will do things for me and stop over analyzing the thoughts of everybody else – or at least what I think they are thinking. As cliché as it sounds life is just too short for the amount of worrying I do about needless matters and the time I spend doing things I really do not want to do. Which is why I rejected my idea to post on The Happiness Project.

After reading rave reviews about how this book can change your life I finally went and bought it. After starting the first chapter this week I immediately felt the appeal and knew that the content may actually help lead me to a better life. Yet I cannot commit to writing scheduled posts about my experiences. I do find that certain aspects of this book will help me on my journey and I can commit to blogging about these sporadically.

The main thing I picked up from Gretchen’s January resolutions is the benefits in decluttering. I am a self-confessed hoarder but recently I have noticed just how uncomfortable the piles of needless things around is making me feel. This weekend I am going to dump, donate and declutter all that junk. This will be hard for me in the clothes area as I have a tendency to convince myself I will wear something again – but I never do. This overhaul of my wardrobe will also help me as a person to rediscover and recreate a style for myself which I seem tp have lost somewhere along the way. Stay tuned to find out how I get on!

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