Christmas Values

With only a week to go before I fly home for Christmas, you can only imagine the excitement in our wee apartment at the moment. The excitement is also at a high in my workplace considering the vast amount of internationals who are also departing for the festive season. I am crazy running around trying to organise gifts, clothes, etc. All of my spare time is being spent worrying what to buy people, have I forgotten anybody and will they like the present. I actually enjoy giving gifts which is why I am putting so much effort into it. Yet after a month of worrying, yesterday I decided to take a step back from the mayhem. Presents, whether giving or receiving, is not what I am looking forward to the most. The things which are really giving me goosebumps are the little things which we sometimes neglect in the madness that is Christmas. Especially now that I am grown-up with a job in which I can buy things for myself, in a forgien country away from my friends and family, it is the little things that really count to me. Here is what I am looking forward to this Christmas!


Most obviously I am looking forward to spending time with friends and family. Lots of discussions are being had at the moment about what we will get up to and it looks like I won’t have a minute to spare!

Heading into town with my Dad on Christmas Eve. This is a tradition which we do every year without fail, not letting anything get in the way of it. My sister comes too and we ease through the packed shops laughing at the last-minuters and their hectic rush to try to get a present which as been sold out weeks ago already! We get a sneaky extra gift too!

That night we go off to the pub when my Mam and other family members join us. I love the atmosphere there where everybody forgets about their troubles for at least a little bit. We finishing off the night playing Christmas songs on the music channels back home.

Waking up at 5am to open presents with my sister. We are never going to grow up!

Eating spiced beef! We only have it once a year in our house so it is like gold dust for the 2-3 days we can make it last!

Going to Mass. A weird one I know but I really love the tranquility of a church on Christmas Day.

Trying to teach my dogs how to open their presents. It never works. Sigh.


What are you excited about this Christmas?

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