You Are Living Where?!

I was an early-twenty-something living in Ireland with a degree and a masters under my belt. It was inevitable I was going to emigrate. Just like the thousands who have gone before me and the ones who are continuing to leave.

Us Irish are used to leaving our homeland, we have been doing it for decades. Luckily it is much easier now to keep in contact with our beloved ones and for many there is the option of returning home in a few years time and still being able to have a successful career.

My life path brought me to Germany, a destination somewhat different from many of my peers. I didn’t really think much about where I was going and that for some it may be viewed as a rather unusual choice. I saw an opportunity and I went for it. Yet, when I relate my current location to some back home they look at me in disbelief: ‘Germany?! Not Australia? Or London?’ ‘No’, I assure them, ‘I am living in Berlin’.

I get asked frequently why Germany. Why not Germany? I constantly refer to how enjoyable my life is here both while conversing with others but also while writing on this blog. These opinions are always at a more personal and social level. What people may not know is that there are many professional experiences available here also.

I cannot speak for the whole of Germany but I would recommend to anybody that they at least consider a move to Berlin.

There are many opportunities for non-German speakers in here. Berlin has become the start-up hub of Europe. If you are in any way computer inclined, consider it your Silicon Valley. One may need to start their career as an intern, but the possibilities to become a permanent, full-time employee are immense.

For those who are lucky enough to be bilingual, Berlin can offer a variety of work in already established companies including Deloitte, Google and Groupon. A bit of intense research can present you with a whole load more opportunities.

Referring back to those of us with little or no German skills at the moment, language classes can be easily adoptable into your schedule. For those who arrive without a job already lined up, I encourage you to get im contact immediately with the local employment agency who can enrol you in integration classes for free. Those who will find themselves working from the offstart, evening classes are readily available from as little as five euro per hour.

Tradesmen are always welcome! While we hear frequently about the need for them in Australia and Canada, Berlin needs them just as much. The language should not be a barrier as it is sometimes unnecessary, while easy to pick up on the job.

Work/life balance is extremely important in my books and Berlin can offer this. Germans do not know how lucky they are with their efficient health system, transport system, etc. I am most certainly not on my way to become a millionaire but the wages combined with the price of living in Berlin can allow for much comfort and plenty of fun!

Lastly, home is only but three hours away!

Should any of you lovely readers have an interest in moving to Berlin, please feel free to contact me and I will provide you with as much information as I can!


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