Why I Admire……Victoria Beckham

The third installment of my ‘Why I Admire…’ series is focused on Victoria Beckham. Victoria is somebody I have admired from my younger days and she was always my favourite Spice Girl. As I grew older, my admiration continued to grow no matter how hard the media tried to portray as a hard, cold woman. I believe Victoria to be neither and instead view her as a role model to women of this generation. Here’s why:

1. She is constantly bullied by the press for God knows why. All she has done throughout her life is work hard to achieve her dreams. No she doesn’t smile a lot in publicity shots but does that really make her a bad person. Anybody who has read a bio of her life will know that she had been bullied as a youth. As somebody who has also experienced this I can tell you for a fact that being taunted about your looks from an early age can unfortunately leave a huge dent on your self-confidence. I am quite sure she is a happy and content wife and mother and does not need to prove this to the media who continually hound and bully her.

2. She is a strong woman. Besides having come through the brighter side of being bullied, she has had to put up with the mass speculation that her husband has been unfaithful. It is extremely hurtful to hear such vicious things among smaller groups of people let alone have it broadcasted to the entire world! What makes these stories even worse is that (whether they be true of not) many have blamed her for David straying insinuating he could never be faithful to an ice-queen like her. I think them having one of the strongest marriages in show business speaks for itself.

3. Her style! I am a big fan of Victoria’s style. It is always classy and bang on trend! Again, people have come down on her hard slating her clothing lines yet celebrities are lining up to wear her creations. Let her rapidly growing credibility within the fashion world be the sole judge of her career.

4. She is a fantastic mother. While she may look out-of-place in her sky-high heels when taking her boys to play football, it is clear from pictures that she is willing to do anything for her children even if it means stepping outside of her comfort zone.

5. Overall, Victoria symbolises for me the fact that if you work hard at something you really love, you will eventually reach your dream. No matter who tries to knock you on the way, self-belief and determination will always surface as the winner.

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