Why I Admire……Jedward!

While trying hard to organize my life and future lately, I have spent a lot of time thinking about the people whom I admire and the reasons why. These people are not all celebrities; most of them ordinary people such as I who I have encountered throughout my life.

I have also spent quite some time reading the blogs of others and quickly realized the posts I like most are those which are part of a series. Some examples of my favorites are ‘My  Week in Pictures’ or video blogs on issues close to the persons heart. I too want to have a weekly series in my blog and while I do admire the posts of these lovely ladies (who you can find my pressing the included links), I don’t want to be a copycat either.

Then the light bulb appeared. Why not combine these two points and have my own, and hopefully fresh, weekly series!

So here is the first installment of my ‘Why I Admire……’ series.

I must admit, this post may somehow come back to haunt me in some way and I really should be somewhat embarrassed in writing this, but all five points below are dedicated to the one and only Jedward. I could go on for pages defending why I like these crazy twins but I will save all that energy for any comments I have to argue with afterwards. Until then, please do let me try to change your mind with why these guys are actually cool.

  • They know what they are. These guys cannot sing (although they are improving) and they make music mostly geared towards teenyboppers.  However, they know it and it doesn’t bother them in the slightest that most of their fans are under the age of 12.


  • Which brings me to my next point: Jedward really appreciate their fans. I had the good fortune to meet them back in June and I was pleasantly surprised at the effort and enthusiasm they had for the people who had queued for hours. They didn’t just sit at a table and sign, but had a hug and a friendly word for each person.


  • Besides being a bit strange (even I have to admit that), they are good role models for their generation. They don’t drink, smoke or take drugs, they don’t sleep around and they don’t bad mouth people in the press. There are many out there who could take a leaf out of their book.


  • They work hard, really hard. Are these guys ever not touring?! They deserve every penny they make.


  • This is the most important issue for me. They came through a lot to get where they were. We all know X Factor uses most of its contestants for its own publicity and one must be aware and prepared for some stick before entering. But the booing and jeering they received both during and after the show was atrocious! These were kids in fairness and kids at the point of in life where they could have been very vulnerable. They were lucky they had all that undivided confedence, they certainly needed it to get through grown men mocking them!


I hope you enjoyed this post! I know my sister will. Write any comments below!

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