Crazy People #2

This week saw another encounter with a complete crazy ass on the public transport.

Luckily for me, my level of attraction for these types of people are not so stong. They sit in the same train cart as me but I do not have much direct contact with them.

This guy looked relatively normal, or as normal as you can find somebody in 2012 still rocking the Eminem 90s look. Even Eminem himself doesn’t rock the bleach blond look anymore. Anyway, besides this point, I thought it would a relatively calm train ride.

That was until he whipped out the hairspray, easily 2 litres of the stuff. He sprayed and sprayed the toxins until half the cart were choking. He was feeling pretty chuffed about himself as far as I could see from they way he admired himself in the windows.

I don’t know was it the amount of hairspray or what that went to his brain but the next thing I know he is breaking his back laughing in random people’s face, and I mean right up in their face. This exact routine happened after every stop but thankfully not to me. The universe is not trying to punish me that much yet.

How many crazies have you encountered?

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