Crazy People – #1

Whether you think it is a good or a bad thing, I seem to encounter numerous crazy people during my everyday encounters in Berlin. Some may be funny, some sad, some scary, but the one thing they have in common is that they make for a hell of a good story. Therefore, I thought I would document some of these experiences so you can live a little in my shoes.

Crazy Person #1

First this person smelled. Badly. Even more so when they sat next to me on the underground.

The person proceeded to eat rice cakes. I don’t know what it is about these snacks but even the smell violently turns my stomach. Not a good combination with the already poignant body oder.

The only amusing part of this experience was that she carried a bag of broken hangers. She also had broken hangers tied to her hands.

All amusement soon vanished when she began to pick at her fingernails with the aforementioned. I hate fingernails as you may already know.

I try my hardest not to be rude but with this person I just had to move. Wouldn’t you?


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Hi all! My name is Joy! I am a 23 year old Irish girl living in Berlin. I am a university graduate who likes politics, fashion and writing, and is currently looking for a job which can incorporate at least one of the forementioned interests!! This is my blog where I am going to put my thoughts and ramblings, views of the world, and antedotes of my struggle to find a path for myself in life! Enjoy xx

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