Johnny Depp. That is all.

This week was a rather unusual one for me in that I went to the cinema twice. While I do love to watch a good movie, I don’t like very much having to fork out 20 quid for a ticket and munchies (yes I do have to have the cinema popcorn). For this small but highly justifiable reason, I only watch something on the big screen if its something I really, really desperately want to see.

On Thursday I went to see The Dictator but I won’t get into that too much. While a good film, the jokes are getting a bit predictable and I am starting to believe Sacha Baron Cohen will never be able to top Borat.

Yesterday, I saw Dark Shadows. What a film! I loved it from start to finish and found myself willing it not to end. Perhaps I am a bit biased though because for me the combination of Johnny Depp, Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter is Hollywood’s equivalent of the Holy Trinity. In my eyes they can do no wrong. Especially Mr. Depp.

I was going to use this post as a review of the film but I think I can sum everything up by saying ‘go to see this movie it is epic’. Instead, what I am going to do is swoon over the God of this Trinity, Johnny Depp.

A recent article in the Star Tribune states that America is beginning to fall out of love with Johnny Depp. These people need to be put in an asylum somewhere. How could anybody not love, or even appreciate this Adonis! Ok so maybe his latest films haven’t been box office smashes, but the variety of them alone shows exactly what a chameleon he is. Plus he has stated that he now often chooses to make films which his children can watch and enjoy. Extra brownie points for being a devoted family man.

Restraint is needed here before this post turns into a novel (or a freakish stalker piece) so I am going to leave you with my list of the top 5 things about Johnny Depp plus a few pictures to lighten up your day.

1. His good looks – This man never ages! He looks as good now, or even better, than he did 20 years ago. His impeccable cheekbones are more certainly a contributing factor here.

2. His gratefulness and consideration of his fans – He turned up announced at a girls school as Jack Sparrow for flip sake!

3. His talent as an actor – I have never seen someone become the character as well as he.

4. His devotion towards his family – Vanessa is a lucky woman the way he worships here. A real life fairytale.

5. His style – Gotta love a man who can pull off the hobo look with such elegance.


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