Battle of the TV Talent Shows

I can’t deny it, I am one hell of a sucker for TV talent shows. Not even the fact that I moved country has made me miss out on my favourite shows (thank you video streaming – not sure if the authorities will like that comment though).

I have been an avid follower of Britain’s Got Talent and The X Factor for years now. I do watch the Irish equivalents from time to team but I do love me a bit of Simon Cowell and the lush specimen that is Dermot O’Leary has me tuning in religiously every week. I’m not very picky though and will give anything a chance so you can imagine my excitement when The Voice was thrown into my usual mix of reality offerings.

As much as it hurts to admit this, last years X Factor was a bit stale. Louis spewed out the same ol’ lines, Kelly couldn’t have been more out-of-place than a nun in a brothel and Gary’s mean streak was a bit of a turn off. Tulisa was a pleasant surprise though. When I saw the adverts for The Voice I was enthralled. Four highly esteemed judges who could actually sing and no dud and utterly atrocious acts (Frankie Cocozza anyone). This was a talent show I simply couldn’t miss.

I watched the first week and loved it. I watched the second week and was still on board. By the end of the blind auditions my interest began to dwindle a little and once the battles had commenced I simply wasn’t convinced anymore. Just one week into the live shows and the love and appreciation between myself and The Voice was truly dead. However, to BGT I am still fully committed.

I know I shouldn’t like these Simon Cowell manufactured shows who spend more time humiliating people than actually finding quote ‘raw talent’, but these shows are my equivalent of crack cocaine. The BBC may have pumped millions into The Voice but it doesn’t work for me and here is why:

  • We continually reminded that the shows sole focus is ‘the voice’ yet amazing singers did not get through the blind auditions because the judges perceived the singer as someone older
  • There is still a huge focus on sob stories. More yawn than tear
  • Not even the judges seem interested – Will.I.Am and his constant tweeting during the live shows
  • The fake bickering between the judges which they criticise for happening on the X Factor. We don’t want to hear it when we all know you are shamelessly promoting yourselves!
  • Contestants getting praised for screeching at one another

What do you think? Do you like TV talent shows or have they seen their day?



Ya gotta love a good Dermot picture!

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