Miraculous Discovery!

No I am not exaggerating, I did indeed make a miraculous discover this week. Albeit one about myself but a miraculous discovery nonetheless. I can cook! Yes, me! I know some of you are laughing but I swear I can.

You might think that I am making a big deal out of this but then you don’t know my background in cooking. Up until my last months here I don’t think I have ever made anything that hasn’t resulted in something burning whether that be the food, the pot/pan/grill, or some other unlucky utensil surrounding me. When I cook something that is really nice and I want to brag about it to them at home, I need my boyfriend to clarify that yes indeed, it was edible and actually quite tasty.

I think that half my problem when it came to cooking was my love/hate relationship with food. I love to eat but there are many foods out there that I passionately despise. I think I like about six vegetables out of the entire vegetable race and even some of them I will only eat when covered in a curry sauce.

Then the ripe ol’ age of twenty-four hit and I knew I had to make some changes. I eat a lot of junk food. A lot. I could easily eat McDonalds 24/7 but my body can’t handle it anymore. I am a healthy weight but am beginning to feel sluggish and tired a lot. Also, leaving all my vegetables/salad behind on plate is getting rather embarrassing. In work if I am seen eating something healthy I easily get five remarks on the matter.

A favourite pastime of mine now is to trawl thorough the internet looking for recipes to make. Sometimes healthy and sometimes not. I have begun to treat myself as a child when cooking though and hide vegetables in the food so as I can not really taste or see them.

I have also learned that cooking can be fun, would you believe?! I finally understand how it makes my Dad so happy to wake at 8am on weekends just so he can try out some new recipes. This is a future that could be on the cards for me. I will continue to make cooking boo-boos though (my current one forgetting there was food in the oven and spreading oven cleaner all over it) but I will get there.

What are your favourite dishes? I would love to try them out x

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