Surprise Shopping Post

Earlier this week I posted a shopping haul post and was very surprised with the positive response I got from it. I love reading fashion blogs, and of course I love fashion, but I never had the drive to steer my blog in that direction. Neither will I now covert my blog completely to fashion but I will include the occasional shopping or OOTD posts.

Some of these posts will perhaps come from snaps of old clothes I have that I have either never worn because I don’t know what to do with them, or clothes which I want to wear in a different way. I am putting my style into the hands of my blog readers!

I have lots of clothes, and lots of pretty clothes at that, but my main problem is I just don’t have the confidence to wear them. I was really awkward and skinny as a teenager right up to my early twenties and I never really felt like I could pull off the clothes. Living in a small place like Cork where everything and everyone is easily criticesed didn’t help either. When I moved to Berlin and I saw how relaxed and more me the style is here, I was determined to make more of an effort with myself. While I never look too dire sometimes it feels as if I see myself as not being worthy or wearing soemthing pretty or doing my hair and make up nicely.

Lately, I am more determined to make more of myself. I am not the scrawny school kid anymore and I deserve to stand proud in how I look and what I wear. I am also going to work in other areas to improve my confidence and I think my fashion problem will be helped along from work in other areas too.

Well wish me luck and in the meantime I would love to hear about everyones style and their fashion tips!

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