Céad Míle Fáilte

It’s Paddy’s Day!! Woo hoo. The greatest calendar day in Ireland. This is my first year away from home for it and I feel a little bit sad about the fact. I will miss going to the parade with my Dad and mocking the atrocity of it and I will miss the true Irish craic that will be going on in the pubs. Saying that, there is an awful lot going on here for Patrick’s Day and I will fill you in on my antics in another blog post.

I often get nostalgic about my homeland and have particularly felt it coming up to our national day. This often leads me to scour the internet to remind me what is so great about being Irish and to further push me to showcase these amazing qualities to the city of Berlin. Here are some of the best ones I found.

  • Meeting somebody new, usually in a bathroom queue somewhere, and within five minutes knowing where they are from, where they are going, and at least one person you have in common.
  • Looking forward to funerals. Ok this perhaps sounds a bit strange to anybody not familiar with Irish funerals. It’s not like we are happy this person is dead, it is just that we really put our all into celebrating their life. I like it and I hope my funeral will be a somewhat happy occasion. I’ll be watching.
  • Going out in shirt sleeves on the first sunny day of “spring”, even if it’s still 8 degrees out. Come on, we have no real summer. In fact we have no real seasons and just experience constant rain. Of course we will embrace every sunny and somewhat warm day we get.
  • The excessive use of the definite article, e.g. the dinner, the boy, the tea, the rugby.
  • Obsessively supporting English football clubs but never ever the English national team.
  • Potatoes. One of my personal favorites. I need to have them in some form or the other with nearly all of my meals or I turn vicious. Not really but I do like them very much.
  • Tayto. The most beautiful and smelliest crisps ever to have existed.

Hope you enjoyed these. Please comment and add some more and above all have a great Paddy’s Day.



  1. I have met a lot of Irish people here in Marbella, they either spend some time on holiday or live here. And they all are very nice and friendly people! I also loooooove Guinness beer!! I normally drink beer at all, but I love Guinness! 🙂

    1. Thanks for the comment! Glad that you have come across nothing but friendly people. I can’t say i am a big fan of guiness but for Patrick’s Day I do try to make the effort and have one.

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