Music Is My Life

I saw this post on the blog of the lovely Paula Dennan and thought I would give it a go as my blog creativity is at a low.

So what you do is put your iPod/mp3 player/phone/whatever on shuffle, ask a question and then forward to get the answer. I am not going to cheat as that spoils the fun. There will be a lot of fun considering the cheesiness of my iPod.



How am I feeling today?

Tearin Up My Heart by N’Sync


Will I get far in life?

The Dance by Garth Brooks


How do my friends see me?

A Rose Is Still A Rose by Areatha Franklin


Where will I get married?

I Don’t Wanna Cry by Mariah Carey


What is my theme song?

No. 1 Sex by R.Kelly ft. Kerri Hilson


What is the story of my life?

Summer Night City by ABBA


What was High School like?

On My Own by Glee Cast


How can I get ahead in life?

Money by Barrett Strong


What is the best thing about me?

The Thing About Love by Alicia Keys


How is today going to be?

I Can Tell by Ashanti


What’s in store this weekend?

I Just Can’t Help Believing by Elvis


What song describes my parents?

Buachaill on Eirne by The Coors


What song describes my sister?

Part of Your World by Miley Cyrus


How is my life going?

Radar by Britney Spears


What song will they play at my funeral?


We’ve Got It Going On by Backstreet Boys


How does the world see me?

Miracle by Celine Dion


Will I have a happy life?

Let’s Do This by Hannah Montana


What do my friends really think of me?

Let It Rock by Kevin Rudolf


Do people secretly lust after me?

Anybody Else But You by Dougal & Gammer


What should I do with my life?

Looking For an Angel by Kylie Minogue


What is good advice for me?

Saturday Nights Alright For Fighting by Elton John


How will I be remembered?

Lean Back by Fat Joe & the Terror Squad


What is my signature gig song?

If I Have To Wait by Toni Braxton


What do I think my theme song is?

This Is How We Do It by Montell Jordan


What does everyone else think my theme song is?

Play My Music by the Jonas Brothers


Now your turn to do it. Even just for a laugh at your music collection.


  1. Ah thank you for the mention (and the link).

    I was trying to get my creative juices going again when I did this post too 🙂 It gave me a right old giggle, which is always good, and reminded me of some stuff in my music collection that I’d forgotten about.

    The Dance is a very personal song for me so even seeing it on your list brought back memories (good ones mind, so thank you for that!)

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